Mixed media events

Social media, independent media, convergent media, new media, small screens – London 2010 goes for it. Here’s their community map. Vancouver sees competing media outlets jockeying to be the non-accredited voices for Vancouver 2010. For more on NAMCs, see Garcia and Miah references, below.

A table of all events taking place during the Feb-March Cultural Olympiad Document Iconolympiadevents.doc.

Streams of History live opening. Have only just found out about this and have to be somewhere at 12 on 7 Feb but need to get to this.

Update: Jem, Milo and I attended the breakfast and live streaming. Questions for conversations:

  • What is the range of DTES resident involvement?
  • How are potentially conflicting desires/agendas/rights/responsibilities among residents negotiated? In short, what is the relationship between the artists, the homeless and other groups?
  • How were the workshops organised and how were participants recruited?
  • What was the brief?
  • What did you hope would happen?
  • What were the envisioned relationships between the 1986 guide to sites of Vancouver’s labour histories and this video streaming event?
  • How were the range of ethical considerations identified and negotiated? ie, taking video of homeless people in order to stream into Gallery Gachet? or taking camera phone video of historic sites to stream into the gallery?
  • What about aesthetic considerations? What happens to these images as they are streamed into the gallery, into a live vj’ing environment and subsumed within the demands of the soundtrack? what happens when you mix the live of the street environment with the overlay of the fearless city logo, or the striking graphic designs of the tattoo parlour?
  • What is the role of the voice and speech?
  • Why movement and not stillness?
  • What about interview and participation?
  • What is the relationship between the free, healthy breakfast that usefully erodes problematic distinctions between homeless and homed and the ‘art event’ in the gallery?
  • is the breakfast seen as payment/recompense/contribution for what some may see as an artist invasion of the safe spaces of the DTES?
  • What are the potential impacts of making these spaces more, rather than less, visible?
  • While remembering the labour history seems like a great thing, might this negatively impact on people who rely on these places for shelter?
  • Does adding value endanger use?
  • What kinds of conversations were had amongst the group about these issues?
  • Future projects?

Downtown East Side walking tour

Currently scheduling interviews….

Will update this as per above.


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